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How to generate API for Algobaba [Stoxxo] and link with Flattrade?

You have to set up a Flattrade account for linking with the Algobaba.

  1. Login to Wall
  2. Click “Pi” on the top right.
  3. In the new window, click on “CREATE NEW API KEY”.
  4. Enter the following

App Name


App ShortName


Redirect URL




  1. Copy the APIKEY
  2. Click the eye icon to view the SECRET KEY and copy the SECRET KEY also.

Now feed below required details in the Stoxxo platform

  1. User Alias : Any Name you wish to give to identify the user.
  2. User ID : User ID of your Flat Trade Account
  3. Broker : Select FlatTrade from the Drop Down list
  4. API Key : Enter API Key here
  5. API Secret : Enter Secret Key here
  6. Auto Login (Optional) : This is an Optional feature and users may use it at their own discretion. You can work without auto login too.
    1. If you want to use this feature Click to Tick here
    2. Password :- Enter your trading account password required for login
    3. Pin : Enter your PAN here.
  1. Click Enter Key on the Keyboard
  2. Tick On Enabled.