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How to generate API for Modern Algos and link with Flattrade?

You have to set up a Flattrade account for linking with the Modern Algos.

  1. Login to Wall
  2. Click “Pi” on the top right.
  3. In the new window, click on “CREATE NEW API KEY”.
  4. Enter the following

App Name

Modern Algos

App ShortName


Redirect URL


Modern Algos

  1. Copy the APIKEY
  2. Click the eye icon to view the SECRET KEY and copy the SECRET KEY also.

After generating the API key, Now you have to go to Modern Algos Website

Now go to

Enter your Flattrade Client ID, copied API Key and Secret Key in the previous steps. Now click submit button. With this, you are done with One-time setup of your Flattrade account with Modern Algos. Now you can login to Modern Algos by just entering your Client Code