FLATTRADE urges clients to update mandatory details

We would like to bring to your notice of NSE circular No. NSE/ISC/47869 dated April 01, 2021, and NSE/ISC/48165 dated May 03, 2021, and CDSL Circular No. CDSL/OPS/DP/POLICY/2021/152 dated April 05, 2021, to update the mandatory details of the following fields in the system of UCC (Unique Client Code) of the exchange and the depository system.  

The mandatory fields are

  1. Name of the Account Holder
  2. Address of the Account Holder
  3. PAN
  4. Valid Mobile Number
  5. Valid Email ID
  6. Income details / Range

Steps taken by FLATTRADE

At the time of account opening, we have validated all these fields through online account opening process and updated to the exchange(s) / depository system.  Based on the details available with us currently, we have verified all these details as one time exercise except the Income Details / Range.  Now, based on the above notification, we are required to update the income details / range to exchange(s) / Depository immediately.

What should a client do?

To comply with the above regulatory requirement, we request you to login to our website and update your income details / range immediately which will enable us to update the same to exchange / depository.  

If not, what action will be taken by the exchange?

If the income details are not updated, your UCC will be suspended by the exchanges till such time the details are updated with the exchange and you will not be allowed to trade further till the details are updated.

To hassle free trading, we request you to update your income details / range immediately.

If you have already updated your income details / range after 1st April 2021, please ignore this notification.

Seeding of AADHAAR number with PAN

As per Income tax notification, linking of AADHAAR with PAN is mandatory on or before 30th September 2021.  In case, your PAN is not seeded with AADHAAR on or before the deadline date, your PAN will not be considered as valid.  Hence, we request you to link your AADHAAR number with PAN immediately by clicking here.

If not followed, then the IT department will take the following action

If you do not seed AADHAAR number with your PAN, then the income tax department will block your PAN for non-compliance and you will not be allowed to trade with immediate effect.  Hence, we request you to seed your AADHAAR with PAN as stated above, if not done earlier.