NSE revises FINNIFTY derivatives contracts to Tuesday

We would like to inform you that NSE has revised the settlement day for its FINNIFTY (Nifty Financial Services Index) monthly and weekly derivatives contracts to Tuesday from Thursday.

The exchange has decided to discontinue the weekly index futures contracts of FINNIFTY. The weekly futures contract will be stopped from October 14 and no new weekly contracts will be introduced after October 14.

All weekly futures contracts of FINNIFTY created till October 14, 2021, will continue to be traded till their respective expiry dates. Moreover, weekly FINNIFTY options contracts will continue to be available for trading.

Trading with revised expiry day as “Tuesday” will start from October 18, 2021 and the first expiry of contract will be on October 19, 2021.

The exchange in its circular said that all existing weekly contracts will expire on Tuesday of every week and all monthly contracts will expire on last Tuesday of the contract month. If Tuesday is holiday, then expiry day is the previous trading day.

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