Steps to download P&L statement for particular financial year

As the last date for filing your income tax return (ITR ) nears, let us take a look at the steps for downloading your P&L statement (profit & loss statement) from Flattrade’s back office portal.

  1. Firstly, go to the url and login with your credentials. Enter your Client code/user id and password. Password is your PAN card number.
  2. Go to Reports > Global P&L Report.
  3. Select the relevant segment from the drop-down list. You can also select the first option to download all transactions related to all segment in one go.
  4. Enter the start data and last date of the particular financial year. For example, if you want the details for financial year 2022, enter the starting date as 01/04/2021 and end date as 31/03/2022, which is the last date of the financial year 2022.
  5. You can download in pdf format or excel format.

For your reference, you can take a look at the sample screenshot above. You can see the grand total profit or loss at the bottom in bold  font.