Trading of Rights Entitlements pursuant to Rights Issue of Integra Essentia Ltd

You are hereby notified that trading of Rights Entitlements (REs) with respect to the Rights Issue of Integra Essentia Limited has commenced from May 16, 2022, which is also the Rights Issue opening date. The last date for trading Rights Entitlements and its renunciation is June 6, 2022. From June 7, 2022, trading of REs will be suspended. The issue price is Rs 1.8 per equity share.

According to the company’s regulatory filing, you will receive 33 equity shares for every 13 equity shares held by the eligible equity shareholders of the company as on the record date with the right to renounce. The record date was May 5, 2022, for the purpose of determining the shareholders entitled for Rights Issue.

You are informed that the purchase of REs only gives you the right to participate in the ongoing Rights Issue of the company by making an application with requisite application money or renounce the REs before the issue closes.

REs which are neither subscribed nor renounced, on or before the issue closing date shall lapse and will be extinguished after the issue closing date. The issue closing date is June 10, 2022, according to the company regulatory filing. The company with symbol ESSEN-RE will be traded in the trade-to-trade segment in demat.

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