A set of Rest-APIs that allows you to write your own codes and execute trades swiftly and efficiently.

Algorithmic Trading API

What is Algo Trading?

Algo Trading is a trading methodology where you write algorithms and programming codes for executing a trade. Here, you can automate every aspect of your trade like entering and exiting a trade based on a specific set of rules you define. These rules pertain to various fundamental parameters, technical parameters, volume, price, time, etc. Algo Trading improves your trading efficiency and has the potential to increase your number of winning trades.

Who is it for?




How to Start Algo Trading




Steps to Generate FLATRADE API Key

Prerequisite: Please ensure you have a Flattrade Trading, Demat account and a redirect URL (normally provided by the integrator). If you are creating your own tool to execute order, then read our API documentation

  • Login to using your Flattrade credentials.

  • Navigate to “Pi” on the menu section of the Page.

  • Click “Create New API Key”.

  • Enter App Name and App Short Name of your choice.

  • In Redirect URL, enter your the redirect URL from the integrator Accept “T&C ”.

  • Press “Create”, Your API key and API Secret key will be auto generated.

  • Then, you have to go the integrator website to complete the process.

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Advantages of executing your algo trading
through Flattrade API

Absolutely Free
No Hidden Charges

We offer you genuinely “ZERO” brokerage trading plan with no hidden charges. Build your own powerful and fast trading platform using REST APIs for Flattrade account

User friendly

Our extremely simple and easy-to-use API will help you to create a powerful tool to trade

Our Service

With more than a decade of experience in the trading world, we offer the best-in-class service. We have integrated Flattrade with next-gen Algo trading platforms to offer top-notch and comprehensive trading service at absolutely “ZERO” brokerage

Dependable support

We have a dedicated and well-trained support team to provide solutions to all customer queries and resolve any problem

Real-time execution

We facilitate real-time execution of trades aided by live trading data

Fast and seamless

You can place multiple orders at lightning speed with our agile software

Supporting Marketplace


TradeTron, a leading algo trading strategy marketplace, has been integrated with Flattrade so that traders and investors can create strategies using algorithms without much coding. You can also also select from pre-defined algorithms available in the marketplace. To know more click here


Quantman is an online strategy creation and testing platform that allows the user to backtest any strategy for the past four years. The easy-to-use application lets the user create, test, and live the execution of their trading strategy without any coding knowledge.
Know more

Fox Trader

FoxTrader is an advanced trading platform with hundreds of indicators and customisable/ready-to-use strategies for the tech-savvy traders and investors.
To download, click here


AlgoBaba is a versatile algorithmic trading software provider which has the capacity to execute multiple trades at blazing speed and high accuracy within milliseconds. The algo platform has a plethora of features with the most advanced trading strategies for options traders. click here

Modern Algos

Modern Algos is a system-based algorithmic trading platform with a range of features such as customised strategy builders, ready-made strategies, market scanners, one-click trading and advanced tools for securities markets at affordable subscription plans. To know more, click here

 EZ Algo

EZ Algo is an API Bridge from ValveNet Technologies that can be integrated with AmiBroker platform. To know more click here

Supporting Programming Language

*note: we do not manage the tools mentioned above. For all subscription and other details, please visit their respective sites to know more.

You can also integrate any other algo trading platform
with Flattrade using the same steps.