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How to add nominee in your trading account?

You can add Nominee to your flattrade trading account online using our Re-KYC platform.

To visit our Re-KYC platform visit


Enter your Mobile and Email OTP to authenticate to login into the Re-KYC platform.

Click “Add Nominee” and proceed.

Select “Yes” to opt-in for the nominee or if you wish to opt-out from nominee select “No”

You can add multiple nominees and you can choose the “Nomination share” as per your wish. Enter the Nominee details and submit the required documents.


Verify the documents before E-sign the documents.

To E-sign the nominee addition document enter your Aadhaar number and click the check box to approve the disclaimer. Click “Send OTP” the OTP will be sent to your aadhar linked Mobile and Email id by UIDAI.

Enter the OTP received on your Aadhar registered Mobile or Email ID. Click “Verify OTP” to E-sign the document.

Once the OTP is verified the Nominee Addition document will be E-signed.

Note: It will take 24 hours to authorize your nominee addition by our team.