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How to convert mutual fund units held in physical form to demat account in flattrade

Destatementization is the conversion of mutual units held in physical form or statement form into electronic form i.e. Demat form.

The procedure to Destatementization mutual funds is as follows

  1. Clients can download the Destatementization request form (PDF
  2. Fill in the required details like Folio Number, Name, and the units of the mutual fund the client wants to  Destatementization. and duly sign on the first holder field.
  3. Self-attested mutual fund statement from the AMC or the latest eCAS statement.
  4. Courier the form and documents to the below address:
    Fortune Capital Services Pvt Ltd
    Kochar Technology Park, 6 th Floor,
    1 st Cross Road, Ambattur Industrial Estate,
    Ambattur, Chennai – 600058.

Kindly note: The RTA takes up to 20 days to Destatementization and credit the units to the demat account, after which they are displayed on the wall platform. Charges for dematerialization are applicable for this process.