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What are the steps to pledge Securities/MF?

2. Click the “Report” Tab and select “Holdings”

3. Select the Securities or Mutual fund you want to pledge

4. Select the collateral and enter the no of securities you want to pledge in the respective segments. Agree to T&C and proceed 

5. As a next process, the page will redirect to the CDSL page for OTP confirmation.

6. Upon OTP confirmation in CDSl the pledge request will be placed successfully and you can track the status on the Pledge process history tab.

7. Clients will get the margin in their trading account on the next trading day upon approval from the clearing corporation for the pledging.

Important information for Pledging

  • For securities pledged before 5 PM, the collateral margin will be available only on the next working day. All requests placed after 5 PM will be processed only on the next trading day and you will receive the benefit on the 2nd working day (T+2). The cost of pledging is Rs 20 + GST for each security and segment irrespective of the quantity pledged in a scrip.
  • Pledge request once placed after confirming the OTP in CDSL cannot be canceled.
  • Securities once pledged, the quantity will be updated in the trading system and it cannot be sold.
  • Securities cannot be pledged between 6 am to 9 am.