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What is the validity of the GTT order?

GTT order is valid for a period of one year from the date it is placed or for a day, i.e when you place the order you have to select the validity as – Day – GTT. If the trigger is hit and order is placed to the exchange, the trigger is deactivated.

Why did my GTT order rejected after triggering the same?

GTT order is triggered and rejected due to the margin validation that, insufficient margin in the account.

Why did my Gtt order triggered and not executed in the Exchange?

GTT order got triggered and not executed because of the Limit order, it means the price that entered in the system will be far from the market rate, so it will be a pending order in the system.

Can i place GTT order in all the segments and on any day?

Yes, you can place the GTT order in all the segments, Equity, NFO, CDS, MTF and MCX exchange contracts. GTT order can be placed at any day, including holidays, and at the time of placing the order, you need not have the margin, but when GTT order is triggered and sent to the Exchange, the Margin is validated.