How to add Buy avg price for shares/securities transferred to flattrade?

The Buying price of the shares/securites which are transfered to flattrade demat account will not be available. It is due to when a user transfer shares to flattrade demat account either through online or offline the buying price of the share are not given. Dur to this the clients portfolio in the trading account will not show proper P&L data, It will show the share previous closing price as the buy average price. To vie the correct P&L data in trading platform clients can use the below steps to enter the buying price of the shares.

  1. Visit and enter your client code in the Client Id field and in the password field enter your PAN number.

2. Click the “Others” tab in the top menu and choose “Add Portfolio”

3. Click “Add New Items”

4. Enter the Required details in the field.

Choose the Date: (Only choose the current financial year)
Scrip: Enter the Scrip Name

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5. Once successfully saved the entry will be added

6.  The entries will be now added to the portfolio screen.

Note: The Buying price will be updated in your trading system, Wall Holdings only after  T+1 day.