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GTT -Order (Good Till Trigger)

GTT Stands for Good Till Trigger, is an alternative product for GTC orders, (Good Till Cancel).

GTT is like AMO orders and this can be used for all the segments to buy and sell the stocks & Futures and Options. In GTT the client can enter a trigger price of the stock/futures & Options / Commodities, and when the trigger price hit, the admin will automatically push the order to the Exchange with a limit price.

Margin is not required at the time of placing the GTT order but the margin will be validated only at the time of sending the order to the exchange and if the margin is not available the order will get rejected. GTT order (Trigger Order) is to be selected from the option special orders, Trigger Order- Buy Trigger order and Sell trigger order.

In GTT order you can select any of the products, CNC, NRML & MTF, and the margins will be debited as per the selection of the products.

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