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How to place the GTT order in EXE?

GTT Buy / Sell order can be placed through the F1 & F2 window, where on the right side of the F1/F2 window, GTT is written and you have to click on the gtt, so the GTT order window will be open.

When you click on the GTT, the Buy/ Sell order window gets opened, and you can place the order by setting the conditions, eg. LTP> or LTP< , and place the trigger order.

Buy GTT is used for creating triggers to buy stocks for delivery. With a GTT buy order, when the trigger price is hit, a buy order with the Market/ limit price mentioned is placed on the exchange.

Eg.  If you want to buy 1 reliance at Rs. 1500, and the price is trading at 1600. So in this case please select the condition, that,

If the LTP is less than 1580, then Please place a buy order @ 1500.00. In this case, the GTT order will be created and will be stored in the system. Once trigger condition, if it is met on the exchange i.e the price at 1580- the GTT condition will be triggered and place a limit order at Rs. 1500 to the Exchange. When the order is sent to the market, the margin will be validated and if there is no sufficient margin, the order will be rejected from the system.