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Can I get 100% margin on the pledged collateral shares?

No, to consider the market volatility risk in the stocks, 100% value is not provided as the collateral margin, and exchange haircut value is applied online to provide the margins

Eg.  A has a reliance stock of 10 qty, and the current price is Rs. 2000. A has pledged 10 shares with the Company, Exchange stock Haircut value is – 16%. In this case, what is the collateral margin provided to A?

In this case, the total value of the stock is = 10*2000 = 20000

Exchange Haircut applied                                              – 16% So 20000*16% = 3200

Collateral margin provided to A                                    = 20000- 3200 = 16800

(Stock Gross value – Haircut value = Collateral margin)