What is an Initial Public Offering (IPO)?

IPO stand for Initial Public Offering. IPO is a process where a privately held company plans to go public. Here a company issue shares to public at a certain price through a book building process.

The following is the list of IPOs in 2021 listed in NSE and BSE exchanges, The below list provides detail of IPOs in the year 2021 at BSE and NSE exchanges. Check 2021 IPO details, IPO review & analysis, IPO allotment status, IPO subscription of each company is provided. ​


Upcoming IPO 2021

Issuer CompanyExchange
Expected date
Northern Arc capital LimitedNSE, BSENovember
Go Airlines (India) LimitedNSE, BSENovember
Sterlite Power Transmissions LimitedNSE, BSENovember
ESDS Software Solutions LimitedNSE, BSENovember

IPO List 2021 (List of IPOs at NSE & BSE)

Issuer CompanyExchangeOpenCloseLot Size (Rs)Issue PriceIssue Size (Rs Cr)
One Mobikwik Systems Limited IPOBSE, NSE1900.00
Adani Wilmar Limited IPOBSE, NSE4500.00
CMS Info Systems Limited IPOBSE, NSEDec 21, 2021Dec 23, 202169205 to 2161100
Supriya Lifescience Limited IPOBSE, NSEDec 16, 2021Dec 20, 202154274700
HP Adhesives Limited IPOBSE, NSEDec 15, 2021Dec 17, 202150 274125.96
Data Patterns (India) Limited IPOBSE, NSEDec 14, 2021 Dec 16, 202125 585588.22
MedPlus Health Sevices Limited IPOBSE, NSEDec 13, 2021Dec 15, 2021187961398.30
Metro Brands Limited IPOBSE, NSEDec 10, 2021 Dec 14, 2021305001367.51
C.E. Info Systems Limited (MapmyIndia) IPOBSE, NSEDec 09, 2021Dec 13, 20211410331039.61
Shriram Properties Limited IPOBSE, NSEDec 08, 2021Dec 10, 2021125118600.00
RateGain Travel Technologies Limited IPOBSE, NSEDec 07, 2021 Dec 09, 2021354251335.74
Anand Rathi Wealth Limited IPOBSE, NSEDec 02, 2021Dec 06, 202127550660.00
Tega Industries IPOBSE, NSEDec 01, 2021Dec 03, 202133453619.23
Star Health and Allied Insurance Company Limited IPOBSE, NSENov 30, 2021Dec 02, 2021169007249.18
Go Fashion (India) Ltd IPOBSE, NSENov 17, 2021Nov 22, 2021216901013.61
Tarsons Products Limited IPOBSE, NSENov 15, 2021 Nov 17, 202122 6621023.47
Latent View Analytics Limited IPOBSE, NSENov 10, 2021Nov 12, 202176197600.00
Sapphire Foods India Limited IPOBSE, NSENov 09,2021Nov 11, 20211211802073.25
Paytm IPO | One 97 Communication Limted IPOBSE, NSENov 08, 2021Nov 10, 20216215018300.00
PolicyBazaar IPOBSE, NSENov 01, 2021Nov 03, 2021159805625.00
SJS Enterprises Limited IPOBSE, NSENov 01, 2021Nov 03, 202127542800.00
Sigachi Industries IPOBSE, NSENov 01, 2021Nov 03, 202190163125.43
Fino Payments Bank Ltd IPOBSE, NSEOct 29, 2021Nov 02, 2021255771200.29
Nykaa IPO | FSN E–Commerce Ventures Limited IPOBSE, NSEOct 28, 2021Nov 01, 20211211255351.92
Aditya Birla Sun Life AMC Limited IPOBSE, NSESep 29, 2021Oct 01, 2021207122768.26
Paras Defence And Space Technologies Limited IPOBSE, NSESep 21, 2021Sep 23, 202185175170.78
Sansera Engineering Limited IPOBSE, NSESep 14, 2021Sep 16, 2021207441282.98
Vijaya Diagnostic Centre Ltd IPOBSE, NSESep 01, 2021Sep 03, 2021285311895.04
Ami Organics Limited IPOBSE, NSESep 01, 2021Sep 03, 202124610569.64
Aptus Value Housing Finance India Ltd IPOBSE, NSEAug 10, 2021Aug 12, 2021423532780.05
Chemplast Sanmar Ltd IPOBSE, NSEAug 10, 2021Aug 12, 2021275413850
Nuvoco Vistas Corporation Ltd IPOBSE, NSEAug 09, 2021Aug 11, 2021265705000
CarTrade Tech Limited IPOBSE, NSEAug 09, 2021Aug 11, 2021916182998.51
Krsnaa Diagnostics IPOBSE, NSEAug 04, 2021Aug 06, 2021159541213.33
Devyani International IPOBSE, NSEAug 04, 2021Aug 06, 2021165901838
Exxaro Tiles IPOBSE, NSEAug 04, 2021Aug 06, 2021125120161.09
Windlas Biotech IPOBSE, NSEAug 04, 2021Aug 06, 202130460401.54
Rolex Rings IPOBSE, NSEJul 28, 2021Jul 30, 202116900731
Glenmark Life Sciences IPOBSE, NSEJul 27, 2021Jul 29, 2021207201513.6
Tatva Chintan Pharma Chem IPOBSE, NSEJul 16, 2021Jul 20, 2021131083500
Zomato IPOBSE, NSEJul 14, 2021Jul 16, 2021195769375
Clean Science IPOBSE, NSEJul 07, 2021Jul 09, 2021169001546.62
G R Infraprojects Limited IPOBSE, NSEJul 07, 2021Jul 09, 202117837963.28
India Pesticides Limited IPOBSE, NSEJun 23, 2021Jun 25, 202150296800
KIMS Hospital IPOBSE, NSEJun 16, 2021Jun 18, 2021188252143.74
Dodla Dairy IPOBSE, NSEJun 16, 2021Jun 18, 202135428520.18
Sona Comstar IPOBSE, NSEJun 14, 2021Jun 16, 2021512915550
Shyam Metalics IPOBSE, NSEJun 14, 2021Jun 16, 202145306909

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Closed IPO performance 2021

Issuer CompanyListed OnIssue PriceListing Day CloseListing Day Gain
Supriya Lifescience Limited IPODec 28, 2021274
HP Adhesives Limited IPODec 27, 2021274334.9522.24%
Data Patterns (India) Limited IPODec 24, 2021585754.8529.03%
MedPlus Health Sevices Limited IPODec 23, 2021 7961120.8540.81%
Metro Brands Limited IPODec 22, 2021500493.551.29%
C.E. Info Systems Limited (MapmyIndia) IPODec 21, 202110331394.5535%
Shriram Properties Limited IPODec 20, 202111899.4-15.6%
RateGain Travel Technologies Limited IPODec 17, 2021425340.5-19.88%
Anand Rathi Wealth Limited IPODec 14, 2021550583.56.09%
Tega Industries IPODec 13, 2021453725.560.15%
Star Health and Allied Insurance Company Limited IPODec 10, 2021900906.850.76%
Go Fashion (India) Ltd IPONov 30, 20216901252.681.54%
Latent View Analytics Limited IPONov 23, 2021197488.6148.02%
Paytm IPO | One 97 Communication Limted IPONov 18, 202121501564.15 -27.25
Sapphire Foods India Limited IPONov 18, 2021 11801216.053.06%
Sigachi Industries IPONov 15, 2021163603.75270%
PolicyBazaar IPONov 15, 20219801202.922.74%
S.J.S. Enterprises Limited IPONov 15, 2021542509.85-5.93%
Fino Payments Bank Ltd IPONov 12, 2021577545.25-5.5%
Nykaa IPO | FSN E–Commerce Ventures Limited IPONov 10, 202111252206.796.15%
Aditya Birla Sun Life AMC Limited IPOOct 11, 2021712 699.65-1.73%
Paras Defence And Space Technologies Limited IPOOct 1, 2021175498.75185%
Sansera Engineering Limited IPOSep 24, 2021744 818.710.04%
Vijaya Diagnostic Centre Ltd IPOSep 14, 2021531619.316.63%
Ami Organics Limited IPOSep 14, 2021610934.5553.2%
Vijaya Diagnostic Centre Ltd IPOSep 14, 2021531619.316.63%
Chemplast Sanmar Ltd IPOAug 24, 2021541534.9-1.13%
Aptus Value Housing Finance India Ltd IPOAug 24, 2021353346.5-1.84%
Nuvoco Vistas Corporation Ltd IPOAug 23, 2021570531.3-6.79%
CarTrade Tech Limited IPOAug 20, 202116181500.1-7.29%
Devyani International IPOAug 16, 202190123.3537.06%
Exxaro Tiles IPOAug 16, 2021120132.2510.21%
Krsnaa Diagnostics IPOAug 16, 2021954990.753.85%
Windlas Biotech IPOAug 16, 2021460406.7-11.59%
Rolex Rings IPOAug 9, 20219001166.5529.62%
Glenmark Life Sciences IPOAug 6, 2021720748.23.92%
Tatva Chintan Pharma Chem IPOJul 29, 202110832310.25113.32%
Zomato IPOJul 23, 202176125.8565.59%
Clean Science IPOJul 19, 20219001585.276.13%
G R Infraprojects Limited IPOJul 19, 20218371746.8108.70%
India Pesticides Limited IPOJul 5, 2021296343.1515.93%
KIMS Hospital IPOJun 28, 2021825995.920.72%
Dodla Dairy IPOJun 28, 2021428609.142.31%
Sona Comstar IPOJun 24, 2021291362.8524.69%
Shyam Metalics IPOJun 24, 2021306375.8522.83%
POWERGRID Infrastructure Investment TrustMay 14, 2021100102.982.98%
Macrotech Developers LimitedApr 19, 2021486463.15-4.70%
Barbeque Nation Hospitality LimitedApr 7, 2021500590.418.08%
Nazara Technologies LimitedMar 30, 202111011576.843.22%
Kalyan Jewellers India LimitedMar 26, 20218775.3-13.45%
Suryoday Small Finance Bank LtdMar 26, 2021305276.2-9.44%
Craftsman Automation LimitedMar 25, 202114901433-3.83%
Laxmi Organic Industries LimitedMar 25, 2021130164.626.62%
Anupam Rasayan India LimitedMar 24, 2021555525.9-5.24%
Easy Trip Planners LimitedMar 19, 2021187208.311.39%
MTAR Technologies LimitedMar 15, 20215751082.2588.22%
Heranba Industries LimitedMar 5, 2021627812.2529.55%
RailTel Corporation of India LimitedFeb 26, 202194121.429.15%
Nureca LimitedFeb 25, 2021400666.6566.66%
Brookfield India Real Estate TrustFeb 16, 2021275269.96-1.83%
Stove Kraft LimitedFeb 5, 2021385445.9515.83%
Home First Finance Company India Ltd.Feb 3, 2021518527.41.81%
Indigo Paints LimitedFeb 2, 202114903118.65109.31%
Indian Railway Finance Corporation LimitedJan 29, 20212624.85-4.42%
Antony Waste Handling Cell LimitedJan 1, 2021315407.2529.29%

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How to Apply for an IPO?

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IPO Terms

Exchange: It is a place where a company’s shares or derivative products like Futures and options are issued and traded between retail investors, institutional investors, traders, etc. There are two stock exchanges in India namely the National Stock Exchange (NSE) and Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE). There is one more exchange called MCX, where securities related to commodities are traded.  

IPO Open Date / Issue Close Date: It is a date on which a potential investor can subscribe for the shares issued by  company. Open date is the 1st day on which the subscription starts and close date is the last date for subscription. Normally, a subscription will be open for three days.

Lot Size: A lot consists of a certain number of shares. There is a minimum lot and maximum lot. The value of the  minimum lot should not breach Rs 15,000-mark and maximum lot should not cross Rs 2 lakh mark.

Issue Price: It the price of a single share that is on offer. It has lower price band and upper price band per equity share.  

Issue Size: It is the total amount a company plans to raise by issuing shares to public in an IPO. These shares can be fresh shares or shares held by promoter or promoter group.  

Frequently Asked Questions

IPO is an acronym for Initial Public Offering. Through an IPO, a company will sell its shares to institutional buyers and retail buyers in the primary market. There are two exchanges – BSE and NSE – in India. A company’s shares get listed in either or both the exchanges after the IPO. Private companies become public listed companies after an IPO.

Book Building is a process followed by a company when it plans to go for an IPO or FPO. This is essentially done to determine the best price in the market.

In a Book Building process, a company sets a floor price and securities are offered at prices above or equal to the floor prices, whereas, in the other case, securities are offered at a fixed price. During the Book Building process, the demand can be known every day as the book is built. But in the case of a Fixed Price Issue, the demand of the issue is known only after its closure.
Yes, a minor can apply for IPO shares after a Demat account has been opened in the name of the minor. The Demat account will be operated by the minor’s guardian. Ideally, a minor can apply for IPO using net-banking ASBA linked with their Demat account details, subject to terms and conditions.
Yes. According to market regulator SEBI, PAN is mandatory for all applicants of an IPO. If you submit an application form without your PAN number or the wrong PAN number, then it will be considered as a wrong application and your application will be rejected. So, please make sure the correct PAN details are linked to your Demat account.

You can find the list of upcoming IPOs in 2021 in the below link.


No. You cannot apply for an IPO through multiple applications with the same name. If done so, all the IPO applications will be rejected.

Three days. It will open on Day 1, 10 am  and close on Day 3, 5 pm.

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